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Verse 1:
Took your heart
And let it fall to the ground yeah
Let it shatter into million pieces Kicked them across the room You couldn't get 'em back up
I told you

I was never good for loving you baby Touching you baby
You should've left me far behind
Oh no you never should've stuck with me baby Trusted me baby
You should've left me far behind

Verse 2:
Well your head was in a marmelade sky
Got stuck up there
I couldn't get you back down
You were flying through the sky thinking I was right there But I took a different route
'Cuz for me it never was about love
You should've listened when I said
That I


Don't say you want me
You know better than that
Better than that
You can do better than that
Can't you see they're lining up for you All for you
Offering their all to you
Just get me out of your head