Declan is an all-in-one musician from Düsseldorf, Germany. He is a singer, songwriter, producer and mixing engineer. His music is a blend of upbeat Pop and mellow contemporary RnB and is often described as a mix between The Weeknd and One Republic. 1LIVE - one of the biggest German radio stations - promoted his most recent livestream, which brought him a lot of new fans. His latest single “One in a Million” fed off of this new found reach and garnered more than 2k streams in the first two weeks.

“Declan makes pop songs with a little RnB or sunny flair but also has quite a few nice and mellow songs with pensive lyrics in his repertoire.” - 1LIVE

Being exposed from birth to different cultures, languages and styles of music due to his intercultural family background, Declan grew up in a versatile and creative environment. His talent for singing showed at an early age and so attended a church choir and a bit later the well-known Clara Schumann Music School choir.
Ten years of professional training in choir singing, piano and drums paid off. In the 10th grade Declan founded the school band „The Snapes“. A stint in a street band led to the formation of his next band „Moja Sound“.
With time Declan went from covering songs to writing and composing his own, learned to accompany himself on the guitar and at the age of 18 equipped himself with his own little home studio. Since then he has been writing, composing and producing his own songs whilst pursuing a solo career as a performer.
Declan possesses a wide vocal range from alt to tenor with a beautiful falsetto, which is mirrored in the variety of pitches, styles, musical genres and influences incorporated in his songs. 

2018 was a turning point for Declan. He released four singles during the latter half of the year and his 5-song EP „ Living Stories“ in December 2019. His second single, the summer hit “That Loving” was aired on the german radio station WDR Cosmo. “Living Stories” is influenced by real life circumstances experienced by Declan himself or the people around him. Each song has a unique sound displaying a different facet of his musical skills. The versatility of the EP lies both in the sound and the lyrics, using Pop, R&B and Reggaeton beats to underline words of hope, encouragement and love.
The following years Declan successfully displayed his talents in music videos and more music, garnering tens of thousands of streams and views. The digital success showed itself in real life as well, with Declan playing more and more live shows. His most recent one was the self-organised concert in “Café Kausal” in Düsseldorf and turned out to be his biggest solo event to date with close to 70 people attending a packed acoustic café concert.

Declan is steadily evolving his sound and is working hard on his new music, with a lot of projects ready to be released. To stay up to date on all the latest sign up to his mailing list and follow him on social media.